How to get the Tango skin in Fortnite

Bad news for anyone who doesn’t play on PlayStation 4.

Tango Skin

The Tango skin was recently leaked in Fortnite, and everyone began wondering when it might arrive in the game. The good news is that this will happen soon, the bad news is that it is part of an exclusive event that will only be held on PlayStation 4. The Tango skin is a prize in the Fortnite Celebration Cup that will be held on Feb. 15-16, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

On the first day of the tournament, Feb. 15, top performing players on each regional leaderboard will have the opportunity to earn the Tango skin if they can place in the top 5 percent of players in their region. The top 25 percent of players in each region will receive the Wild Accent Pickaxe, and this is where it gets interesting.

The Tango skin and the Wild Accent pickaxe are part of the Tactical Fashions set, which also contains the Hurricane Back Bling. This Back Bling is not listed as a reward for the Fortnite Celebration Cup. It also isn’t stated that the Tango Skin is exclusive to the tournament. While none of this means that the Tango skin will end up in the shop, and appear on other platforms, there is at least some hope for folks out there who don’t play on PlayStation 4 but would still like to add the skin to their collections.

We will be keeping a close eye on the Tango skin, in case it shows up as a prize on other platforms, or in the item shop, and will update this article as soon as we learn more.