How to get the Vexed Emote in Final Fantasy XIV Online

A problematic emote.

Your Final Fantasy XIV Online characters have access to various emotes they can use to display your emotions in the game without typing it out. Many of them are ideal to position your character into a specific pose, putting them in the perfect spot for a picture. In this guide, we’re going to detail how to acquire the Vexed Emote in Final Fantasy XIV Online and how to unlock it quickly.

The Vexed Emote is releasing during The Let it Rain Campaign 2021, which is tied to the Manderville Gold Saucer casino. At this casino, there are several mini-games and events for you to partake in where you can earn the casino’s specific currency, MGP. However, your main focus for this emote comes from completing a series of quests tied to the event. You want to initially complete the quest, “The Great Horn Heist,” which you can receive before you arrive in the casino by speaking with Ollier. You can find him standing in Ul’dah at The Steps of Nald at (X:9.4, Y:9.2). You’ll have to meet him at the casino to start the quest.

Once you’ve completed The Great Horn Heist, to the left of Ollier, inside the casino, there’s an NPC named the Stern Saucer Attendant, who will give you a new questline that you need to follow and complete, called “A Token of Thanks.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike The Great Horn Heist, you won’t have to follow as many steps. Instead, the only thing you need to do is find and speak with Grege. You can find them at the main counter in Entrance Square. You’ll be given the reward, and the Vexed Emote is yours.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We do not believe this emote will be available to players following The Make It Rain Campaign 2021, so make sure to grab it before the event concludes on August 11.