How to get to Kawaii World in Pet Simulator X

A world for all things cute.

Kawaii World Cannon in Roblox Simulator X

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you feel like the adorable Pets you’ve collected thus far in Roblox Pet Simulator X need even more cuteness, consider visiting the brand-new Kawaii World. This World comes with four new Japanese-themed Biomes, including Tokyo, Village, Candyland, and Temple, the final area with a Giant Kawaii Chest. The 13 new Pets are the highlight of Pet Simulator X’s Kawaii World update, featuring two Huge Pets: the Kawaii Cat and Huge Bread Shiba. Remember that the Huge Bread Shiba is only obtainable from the Eggs in Hardcore Mode.

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Unlocking Kawaii World in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Unlocking Limbo in Roblox Simulator X
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Access to Kawaii World in Roblox Pet Simulator X is unlocked through Limbo, the counterpart realm of The Void. If you are new to this Pet-collecting adventure, you can enter The Void by interacting with the giant portal at the back of Tech World. Tech World is the area accessible using the Cannon hidden behind the currency-locked wall in Spawn World‘s Glacier. Once you are in The Void, you need to complete Axolotl Ocean, Pixel World, and Cat World before you can enter the mysterious purple cave leading to Limbo.

After arriving in Limbo, make your way to the Doodle World Cannon. Finally, clear all eight main Biomesome in Doodle World to unlock Limbo’s Cannon to Kawaii World in Roblox Pet Simulator X. You will need Cartoon Currency to progress through Kawaii World, which is the same currency used in Doodle World. Unless you have very strong Dark Matter or Huge Pets in your roster, we recommend passively farming Cartoon Currency using the Daycare at Spawn World. Otherwise, procuring the 6,500,000,000 coins needed to access Kawaii Temple will take an exceptionally long time.

Standing in Kawaii World in Roblox Simulator X
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Luckily, you do need to unlock the Temple to begin hatching the Café Eggs, Sakura Eggs, or Kawaii Eggs in Kawaii World. The Café Eggs in Roblox are the ones you should focus on grind-hatching if you want to get the Kawaii Cat or HC’s Huge Bread Shiba.