What are Clover Coins in Pet Simulator X

Farm for new Huge Pets using this event-exclusive currency!

Standing near a pile of Clover Coins in Roblox Pet Simulator X

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In celebration of the renowned Irish saint, Roblox Pet Simulator X is launching the limited-time the St. Patrick’s Event, during which you can collect Clover Coin currency to buy event-exclusive Pets, including their Huge variants. Like the Valentine Hearts of the Valentines Event 2023, Clover Coins can only be used in St Patrick’s Event World, accessible via the giant green cannon outside the Shop of Spawn World. This cannon will transport you to the first biome of the event area, the Clover Fields, where you must complete several quests to unlock new rooms. The first quest requires you to “Break 150 Clover Coins” in Pet Simulator X.

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How to get Clover Coins in Roblox Pet Simulator X

First Clover Coin Quest in Roblox Pet Simulator X
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Not to be confused with the green coins of the Oasis in Doodle World, Clover Coins are a type of green-colored currency in Pet Simulator X that can spawn anywhere and also be acquired from every breakable object. However, if you aim to clear the first quest of the St. Patrick’s Event, it will not matter how many Clover Coins you earn indirectly. For instance, you can earn up to 10B+ event currency via the Daycare in Spawn World, which will not count towards the event quest’s progression.

Completing the Clover Field quest in Roblox involves finding and breaking the Clover Coin stacks and pots that will only appear during the St. Patrick’s Event. Fortunately, you can find Clover Coin Stacks and Pots wherever you go, regardless of World or biome. However, we highly advise avoiding biomes with a large amount of green color, as it can prevent you from quickly spotting Clover Coin nodes that appear.

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Best place to farm Clover Coins in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Best Location to farm Clover Coins in Pet Simulator X
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Breaking 150 Clover Coins in Pet Simulator X can be tedious, especially when the event’s nodes can spawn anywhere. To speed things up, we recommend you farm in Samurai Island of Fantasy Island. At the back center of the biome, you will find a giant sakura tree in a circular walled area. In our experience, this spot is one of the best places to farm ubiquitous event currencies like Clover Coins. Here, you only need to stay in one position and can easily collect all the nodes that respawn quickly within this small alcove.