How to get Unbroken Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Get out alive.


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Every Trial awards you with Emblems in Dead by Daylight. These push up your Survivor and Killer levels, but also play a vital role in challenges and showing you how well you performed in key roles. This guide explains how to get Unbroken Emblems, and provides a few tips on how to increase the quality of the Emblems you get.

How do you get Unbroken Emblems?

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Unbroken Emblems are awarded to Survivors at the end of a match for their ability to survive and escape a Trial. If you escape a Trial without being downed, you’ll get an iridescent Emblem, while being downed once or more results in a gold Emblem. If you die in a Trial, the Emblem quality is based on the time you spent alive, but you can’t get better than silver. These Emblems help push your Survivor level up, which means that you’ll get more rewards when it resets on the 13th of the month. This is a great way to earn extra Bloodpoints and other currencies that will allow you to purchase cosmetics.

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How to increase the quality of your Unbroken Emblems

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Increasing the quality of Unbroken Emblems is fairly straightforward. You can only get a maximum of silver if you die in a Trial, so try not to die and you should be doing well. If you’re downed a few times, you’ll get gold, but the Emblem to aim for is iridescent. This is only available to you if you escape a Trial without being downed, which takes a lot of skill, but is also possible if you happen to get an incompetent Killer. If you’re grabbing Emblems for a Tome challenge or Daily Ritual, it doesn’t matter what quality they are, just survive and escape.