How to get Zanzil’s Slow Poison in World of Warcraft

Warning…it will kill you a week later.

Image via Activision Blizzard

World of Warcraft is trying to reward players for consistently logging on every month via a new system called The Trading Post. Players will earn a set amount of currency every month simply for logging in and can spend it on rewards at this new location. The items cycle every month, and some of them are unique to the Trading Post. Completing challenges from the Traveler’s Log will reward additional Trader’s Tender currency for the Trading Post, and some of the challenges can be quite unique, but easily accomplished. One such task has the player imbibe a special poison. Zanzil’s Slow Poison is not hard to find, but it is only sold by specific vendors in each faction’s main city.

Where to buy Zanzil’s Slow Poison as Alliance in World of Warcraft

Screenshot by Gamepur

As Alliance, the vendor you are looking for is named Gerald Black. He can be found in the Old Town quarter at coordinates 78.8, 70.6 Look for the human male leaning against the wall. Zanzil’s Slow Poison will cost the player 96 copper.

Where to buy Zanzil’s Slow Poison as Horde in World of Warcraft

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Horde players will want to find the vendor NPC Alpheus Cain at the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar. He can be found at coordinates 75.2, 46.0. Look for the undead male wearing a top hat. For some reason, Horde players must pay one silver and 20 copper for Zanzil’s Slow Poison, but this is still a joke of a cost.

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What happens when you imbibe Zanzil’s Slow Poison

Drinking Zanzil’s Slow Poison will award you 50 Trader’s Coins towards your Traveler’s Log bar. It requires a total of 1000 Trader’s Coins to complete the log for the month. Players may not notice right away what Zanzil’s Slow Poison does, but they will in the future. The poison applies a debuff that lasts seven game days. When the debuff expires, the character will instantly die and have to retrieve their corpse. This is well worth it for the easy Trader’s Coins to further your progress towards more Trader’s Tender to us on rewards from the Trading Post.