How to give your children a home in BitLife

And you get a home, and you get a home.

Image via Candywriter

The Mother’s Day challenge in BitLife is all about celebrating your mother and being thankful for the hard work they’ve done to help you out. Some of the tasks in the challenge require that you mother several children, which means you’ll need to be a female to complete them. You’ll also need to provide a house for each of your children, and providing a house to them can be a little difficult.

First, you want to make sure you have enough money to purchase these houses. A home in BitLife can cost anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars, depending on if you can pay it in cash or you need to take out a loan. We highly recommend completing this challenge when your character has enough money to purchase multiple properties, which can quickly stack up.

When you have the locations under your name, the next step is to gift them to your children. You can do this by visiting the home on the assets page, clicking on it, and choosing to offer it as a gift. For this task in the Mother’s Day challenge, you need to do this for every child you have. You have to repeat this step for every child you’ve mothered in the game, so make sure to stick with the simple three children requirement.