How to glide in Forspoken

Don’t fall too fast.

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Magic parkour is the main way you will be exploring the world of Athia in Forspoken. This system allows you to speed across the fields, climb massive cliffs, and even cling to the ledges of forts. Of course, sometimes the basic parkour moves aren’t enough and you need something to help you cross the chasm. Relatively late in the game, you get the ability to glide and it allows you to access areas you didn’t think possible. Below, we will show you how to glide in Forspoken.

How to unlock the Float spell in Forspoken

As you progress through the game, you will unlock various spells that will help you explore the world of Athia to its fullest, with one of the first traversal spells being the Zip spell that lets you fling off anchor points. After you have progressed far enough in the game to reach the Visoria region, you can get your hands on the Float spell. This is one of the spells belonging to Prav’s spell list so make sure you have that unlocked first.

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After unlocking Prav’s spell list, make your way to the part of the map called Inner Visoria. This is the area to the south of Visoria Castle Town and also where you can find the Curiosity Shop. Once there, head south through the thin channel leading to the Lilac Fount. You can also mark this Fount on your map by selecting the spell on Prav’s spell list.

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Once you reach the Fount, jump into it and you will automatically unlock the Float spell. This spell lets you float safely to the ground by gradually consuming your stamina. To activate the Float spell, simply hold the X button while in the air if you are on PlayStation or the corresponding button on PC. This will surround Frey with a bubble of water that slows her descent. The effect can be ended at any time by simply letting go of the button. It will also end automatically if all of Frey’s stamina is consumed.