How to go from healthy to injured when vaulting a window or pallet in Dead by Daylight

Let them smell you.


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Dead by Daylight has hundreds of challenges for players to complete. These can task you with doing anything, from completing skill checks and healing Survivors to hooking or killing them. This guide explains how to go from healthy to injured when vaulting a window or pallet, a difficult challenge that pops its head up a lot in the game.

How do you vault through a window or over a pallet and go from healthy to injured?

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The only way to go from healthy to injured is to start healthy. This means you can only usually complete a challenge that involves this process at the start of a Trial as a Survivor. Then, you need to get the Killer to start stalking you. This should be pretty easy, as long as the Killer is doing its job. Sometimes they’ll never find you because you’re too well hidden or they’re too busy chasing other Survivors, so put in the effort to get them to follow you by running around and making a lot of noise.

While trying to catch the Killer’s eye, make sure you drop any pallets you come across. These give you more opportunities to complete the challenge. Then, head to a pallet or window with the Killer hot on your heels. You need the Killer to be as close as possible before vaulting either object. This will allow them to strike you with a melee attack, causing you to drop from healthy to injured as you vault.

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Can you get caught when being hit and vaulting a pallet or window?

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Any time that the Killer hits you while you’re injured, you’ll fall and can be caught. This applies even when you’re vaulting a window or pallet because the Killer’s damage will just cause you to drop after you’ve finished vaulting. To avoid getting caught while vaulting through windows or over pallets, you need to have a decent amount of space between you and the Killer. If the Killer is too close, run around a few objects and get them to try to hit you, so they slow down, then you should have some space to vault.