How to improve New World queue times without getting banned

There are some tricks that just aren’t worth it.

Image via New World

Even though MMO fans are having a blast with Amazon’s New World, the queue problems have turned off many other gamers. Amazon is trying to improve the situation themselves, but also as a player, there are a few things you can do to help yourself out. Here are our best queue tips and tricks (without getting you in trouble with server mods).


When you create a new save and are looking through servers to pick, do your best to choose a server with medium to low traffic. There are highly populated servers with high traffic, and they may be appealing for PVP, but they also will have the worst queue times. Oftentimes they don’t even let players in to create characters. Medium servers will still have decent PVP, but if you don’t care too much about that aspect, low servers will always give you the quickest queues.

Amazon is also currently working on letting players transfer servers, but that does not include hopping regions.

Avoid peak hours

Another major factor in long queue times is the time of day. If you’re logging in during uncommon hours like the late morning, early afternoon, or very late night, there will be fewer people playing, leaving more space for you in the servers.

However, if you can only play between 5 PMand 12 PM on your regional server, it might be best that you choose a server outside your region. That means that even though you got on at 5:30 PM, peak playing time, it might be 3:30 PM in another region, giving you optimal, free reign of the server.

New World Twitter

If you already have a chosen server and don’t want to wait in a long queue before checking on your server times, you can always go to New World’s Twitter account to do that. They often post server updates, but also you can tweet at New World with #NWSTATUS to get a response.

Another place you can go to is the New World Server Status page on their official forums. Here, you can find information on all servers, hopefully helping you avoid waiting for hours on certain days where the queue times might be particularly rough.

Warning: don’t idle

When the game first came out, players would use clever (and annoying) tricks to avoid timing out and having to re-enter the queue. They would use mouse tricks or manipulate their computer controls to make their characters run into buildings for a half-hour so they could go to the bathroom or eat dinner without leaving the server.

However, that has only worsened server congestion for others, so now the devs have set it so that you’re allowed 20 minutes of AFK time before kicking you out. If you are caught trying to idle and trick the AFK timer multiple times, you could be flagged, suspended, or even banned. So, it’s best you focus on the other tricks to improving queue times, not this one. If you want to learn more about New World’s 1.0.1 patch notes, check them out here.