How to increase Maximum Endurance and stamina in Tower of Fantasy

Explore new lands for this mighty benefit.

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Climbing and swimming can be dangerous activities early on in Tower of Fantasy. This is because you can only perform these abilities until your character’s Maximum Endurance bar runs out, after which you’ll either take a damaging fall or drown. Luckily, you can avoid these mishaps by bolstering your Maximum Endurance with one rare item type. Here’s how you can boost your Max Endurance and stamina in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get better Max Endurance in Tower of Fantasy

You can improve your Max Endurance only by collecting Mighty Mushrooms. This item increases the stat by 50 each time it’s obtained, so prepare to conquer towering landscapes just by nabbing one. That said, Mighty Mushrooms do not spawn in the open world. Instead, it is a reward that is given from earning Achievements or raising your Exploration Progression level.

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How to get Mighty Mushrooms from Achievements

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You can get at least one Mighty Mushroom relatively fast by earning Points from Achievements. These Achievements can be discovered in the Terminal menu in the top-right corner of the HUD and offer Points for leveling up and cooking as well as completing missions and other basic tasks. You can expect a Mighty Mushroom to be rewarded to you once you’ve gathered 250 Points.

How to get Mighty Mushrooms from Exploration Progress

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Another Five Mighty Mushrooms can be nabbed by raising your Exploration Progress in each of the five regions. This is done through interacting with each area’s Supply Pods, Scenic Points, Spacerifts, or just by discovering smaller locations within them. You can track your correct Exploration Progress in each region by clicking on the tabs in the bottom-right corner of the Map menu. As shown above, a Mighty Mushroom will be given out once you have gained 1,095 Exploration Progress in the Banges region.

Aside from your Max Endurance, players should certainly look into strengthening their Relics. This is possible through Advancement, a process that lets you increase your Relics’ stats by collecting and spending shards. Unlike Mighty Mushrooms, shards are easier to come by, as they can be obtained through exploring Ruin dungeons and completing side quests.