How to increase your Heat Level by using a burner pay phone in Fortnite Most Wanted

Set fire to your Heat Level at this limited-time object on the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Fortnite Most Wanted event challenges are unlike any lore-based or weekly quest before it, as battle royale players will finally be rewarded for being villains. This can be done through its unique Heat Level system, which essentially measures just how deadly you have become on the battle royale map. Although its levels can be increased by earning eliminations, one quest will task you with boosting it from a burner pay phone. This guide will examine where burner pay phones are in Fortnite Most Wanted and how to increase your Heat Level at them.

All burner pay phone locations in Fortnite Most Wanted

You can think of a burner pay phone as a sort of shop where you can purchase additional Heat Levels. Once you interact with one, you will be required to spend 500 Gold Bars to be boosted one Heat Level, and your squad can do this as many as 10 times at one phone. Additionally, each time you spend Gold Bars at the phones, it will only fill the Heat Level meter you are currently progressing through. That said, we recommend you only purchase if your current Heat Level meter is far from being filled.

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As shown below, burner pay phones are located at the middle of all named locations, though you can also find others west of Shattered Slabs, south of Faulty Splits, and northwest of Brutal Bastion. After you are inside any of these locations, a text bubble should appear on your screen, marking where the closest burner pay phone is.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once the quest is completed, you will then earn 1,000 Infamy, which is then put towards cosmetics on the Most Wanted reward tracker in the main menu. The tracker includes a swath of gold accessories, though finishing several Most Wanted quests should help grant you the Gold Blooded Ace outfit. In the meantime, plenty of other Most Wanted quests gift Infamy, such as one that challenges players to throw and detonate a gas can.