How to jump on the helicopter in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Go high in the sky.

Battlegrounds in WWE 2K Battlegrounds certainly have some unique features that players need to take advantage of. From crocodiles to rams, and even Scottish bagpipers in between, the surroundings around the ring area can make a difference in each match. The Boot Camp area, much like some of the other battlegrounds, has a unique feature that can aid you during a match, and this one will take up into the sky.

In the Boot Camp, you might notice that during a match, a helicopter will appear and hover right above the ringside area. If you see the helicopter, you will have the option to jump on the helicopter and conduct an aerial assault on your opponent. To do this, leave the ring and then move to the north, towards where you see the helicopter. Once you get close enough, press LB (for Xbox) or L1 (for PlayStation) to interact with the copter. After you hop up to the helicopter, you can press A/X at any moment to jump down and attack.

Once you’re on the helicopter, try to lock on the opposing wrestler.

When in the helicopter, the key to a successful sky attack is to follow the opponent’s movement closely. The opposing wrestler will most likely attempt to dodge a potential attack by running around the ringside area. To follow the opponent, use the left stick to follow the other wrestler. Your goal will be to move the copter enough so that the bullseye (which can be seen on the ground) is right on the opponent.

Ideally, you will also want to delay jumping down as much as possible. After a period of time, the opponent will run out of energy to move around and will be forced to stop. That is when you want to line up the bullseye and attack.