How to kill an ex’s new lover in BitLife

Another objective.

Image via Candywriter

BitLife is a mobile game where you can experience various new career paths and work towards becoming a professional athlete or a famous musician to find yourself becoming a rising star. There are some darker, more disturbing things you can do in the game, such as stalk your ex or cause them, terror. For those working on completing the Crazy Ex Challenge, you have the option to be the crazy ex, and one of those objectives is for you to kill one of your ex’s new lovers.

To complete this objective, you need to have an ex. You’ll be able to do this after you break up with them or break up with you. You have to choose to ignore them or do something else a bit more negative towards them while you’re dating.

Now that you’ve broken up with them, they’ll be added to your relationship lists, and you’ll be able to examine them as you would any other family member. From there, you have to wait until they begin a new relationship, and because you can’t examine them, you’ll have to wait a few years until that happens. Once it does, you can take them out.

Go to the crime tab underneath activities, and there will be an option to take out your ex’s new lover. It’ll be similar to take out any other person, so if you do this, there’s a hefty risk involved in potentially being caught and going to jail. We normally recommend that you use poison or any other method that doesn’t directly place you at the scene of the crime, but there’s a lot of random chance, so it varies.

After you take out your ex’s lover, you go to jail or not based on if anyone discovered your crime. Normally with poison, it doesn’t happen as often, but it can happen.