How to learn and craft Frostner in Valheim

This hammer is terribly well balanced.

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There are several weapons you can use in Valheim. They fall under different weapon categories, where some consider swords, and others polearms or maces. Each of them comes with unique traits that make them different from others, such as doing bonus damage to certain enemy types and having a special move. You won’t learn every new weapon merely by holding the new metal ingot your group smelts down after their latest adventure. Some of the more special weapons require particular ingredients, like Frostner.

Frostner is a one-handed hammer that uses your mace skill. It’s a special weapon that you can learn how to make after you’ve held all of its ingredients at least once. You have to make sure you’re near a level three forge to create the weapon.

These are all of the items you need to craft Frostner.

The most unique item to find among the resources is ymir flesh. It doesn’t drop from a spawn, or a boss. Instead, you need to seek out the trader, Haldor, and purchase the item from him. Haldor sells ymir flesh for 120 gold pieces.

The other items are found throughout your Valheim world. Ancient bark comes off of ancient trees that spawn in the Swamp region. The freeze glands drop off of the frost drakes that are patrolling the icy Mountains biomes. You want to make sure to protect yourself from freezing damage when visiting these locations. Lastly, the silver is also in the Mountain biome, but you can only find it after you’ve obtained the wishbone from defeating the third Forsaken boss, Bonemass.

Once you have all of the ingredients and their specific amounts, return to your homestead to craft your new weapon, Frostner. While Frostner does not do as much damage as the best mace in the game and does less base damage than the iron mace, it does frost and spirit damage to enemies. The frost damage slows down attackers for a few seconds, giving you an additional opportunity to roll away from their incoming attack or for you to swing another blow. The spirit damage is excellent when battling against truly evil enemies, such as the Draugr, skeletons, and Fenring.