How to make Crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Eat your veggies.

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Cooking and crafting recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley will take quite a bit of experimentation if you have the resources for them. Some of these meals are attached to missions, so you will need to find out how to make them to proceed. Mickey Mouse will eventually have you make a dish called Crudités. A lot of people might not even know what that is. Here is how to make Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to cook Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can start making Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to have an oven in your house. In one of Mickey Mouse’s missions, Missing Minnie, he will ask you to make this alongside some Fish Sandwiches. Of course, Minnie is the real cook in that relationship, so he doesn’t tell you how to make it, and if you’ve never heard of Crudités before, that can leave you struggling to make them. However, it’s actually super simple to make.

If you have an oven in your house, just throw a Carrot in and cook it. Additionally, you can also use Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, or Mushrooms. This will make Crudités, which are just cut-up vegetable sticks. The entrée is obviously just a one-star recipe and very easy to make. You need to have five of these alongside two Fish Sandwiches to complete the Missing Minnie quest. While many vegetables will make Crudités, do not use Lettuce because that will make a Salad.

Like other food, Crudités will help restore some of your expended energy, but not an awful lot. They are just easy recipes that you can make quickly. Unlike other recipes in the game, Crudités are not too particular about what you throw into the pot.