How to make Mocha in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Almost like going to a café.

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Cooking is a large part of what you will be doing as you explore Disney Dreamlight Valley. The meals that you make can be eaten to replenish your stamina, given to residents to raise their friendship levels, and even used to complete quests. Thanks to the Missions in Uncharted Space update, you can make coffee drinks like Mocha that are sure to perk up the residents of the valley. This guide will show you how to make a Mocha in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Mocha recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mocha is one of the coffee recipes that were added with the Missions in Uncharted Space update. Before you can even hope to make this caffeine-infused drink, you will need to unlock Coffee Beans. This can be done by completing the Very Sleepy Stitch quest. Of course, Coffee Beans aren’t the only ingredient that is required to make a Mocha. Since this is a three-star recipe, you will need three ingredients in total to make it.

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Prior to making a Mocha, you will also need to unlock the Sunlit Plateau biome as well as the Chez Remy restaurant. Keep in mind that unlocking the Sunlit Plateau will cost you 7,000 Dreamlight. Once you have unlocked both of these, you can gather the following ingredients to make a Mocha:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Milk
  • Cocoa Beans

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Once Coffee Beans are unlocked, you can find them in the Glade of Trust. Each bush will give you three beans to use. Milk can be bought from the Chez Remy pantry. This becomes available immediately after you have unlocked the restaurant. Finally, Cocoa Beans can be harvested from trees in the Sunlit Plateau. Each tree will get you three Cocoa Beans. Combine all of the ingredients at a cooking station and you will make yourself a Mocha.