How to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife

Avoid prenups.

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There are several ways you can play your character in BitLife. If you’re looking to make things a bit easier on yourself and not have to work a day in your life, you can go out of your way to marry a sugar daddy with plenty of money to give you. You may want to do a few things before you do this, and you’re likely trying to achieve this for one of the game’s many challenges. Here’s what you need to know about how to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife.

How to get a sugar daddy in BitLife

For your character to marry a sugar daddy, you want to make sure you create a female character who has the highest Looks and Health possible. The higher these stats on your character, the more attractive you will be, making it easier for them to marry someone whenever you’re dating them. While dating a character or attempting to date them, you can see a quick breakdown of their overall profile, which should show much money they have. The larger their income and how much they make, the easier it is to make them your sugar daddy.

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It does help to marry someone with a lot of money when your character has a lot of money. When your character has a good amount of money, the other partner has a better chance of not signing a prenup with your character, which makes it easier to complete BitLIfe challenges that require you to go after a sugar daddy. We recommend making sure the character you use for these activities to be on a daughter of a character who inherits a large sum of money, making it easier to avoid prenups.

Once your character has a sugar daddy, take advantage of their money whenever possible by buying anything to your heart’s content. It does help to provide your partner with gifts to keep their happiness up with you, decreasing the chances of them divorcing you.