How to complete the Material Girl challenge in BitLife

You’re worth it.

The Material Girl challenge is now live in BitLife. You will have an opportunity to complete this challenge with your character, and we’re going to recommend you create a female character to do it. There are a handful of tasks you will need to work through to count this challenge to your profile. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Material Girl Challenge in BitLife.

All Material Girl challenge tasks in BitLife

You will need to do five tasks while playing as your character. Each of these will build up on your character, so make sure you’re using the same one. Here’s what you need to for the challenge.

  • Marry five sugar daddies
  • Never sign a prenup
  • Never hold a job
  • Buy two million dollars worth of jewelry
  • Purchase a yacht

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When trying to marry a sugar daddy, you want to ensure your character has the highest levels of Looks and Health. This reflects your character’s attraction, and having a higher attraction makes it easier to marry someone, especially if you’re trying to get a husband with a lot of money. It also helps in not signing a prenup, but typically a character won’t do this if you also have a lot of money. We recommend using a female character who already has a lot of money, especially to avoid signing a prenup. A good way to do this is to make them a daughter of a previous character, which makes it easy never to have a job.

The next task is to purchase two million dollars worth of jewelry. If your character has a good amount of money because of their husband or because they have a large sum, you can do this at any time. This goes in hand with purchasing a yacht, which is equally a lot of money.

Once you’ve done all these tasks, you will have the chance to complete the Material Girl challenge and earn a BitLife appearance item.