How to Open Hidden Chamber of Odin Doors in God of War

 How to Open Hidden Chamber of Odin Doors in God of War

As you play through God of War, you will sooner or later encounter a Hidden Chamber of Odin. Your son Atreus will immediately tell you that you cannot enter it because it is magically sealed. In fact, there are a total of seven Hidden Chambers of Odin to be found, and several more doors sealed in the same fashion. So naturally you want to know when and how you can open these doors. We’re here to help.

When Can I Open Hidden Chamber of Odin Doors?

How to Open Hidden Chamber of Odin Doors in God of War
Thamur’s CorpseTL;DR Games • Fair Use

During the main story campaign of God of War, Kratos and Atreus will eventually travel to the north of Midgard in search of a giant’s chisel. It is with this magical item that Kratos will be able to break the seal that is keeping you from exploring the Hidden Chamber of Odin doors. Once you make your way to the Northern Dock and then Thamur’s Corpse, you will eventually retrieve the item, after some highlight reel acrobatics no less. You really can’t miss out on getting the chisel and the ability to open these doors, so just keep on playing. If you’re eager to get your hands on it, just make sure you stick to the story missions and try to avoid distractions.

How to Break the Seal

Once you have the chisel in your possession, you’ll be able to break the magic seal that is protecting not just the Hidden Chamber of Odin doors, but also a few others. To break the seal you merely have to approach the door and follow the mini game. In it, you have to locate the binding points and break them. Move the chisel across the face of the seal until you see it glowing, then hit R2 to plunge the chisel into it.

If you miss, the chisel will merely bounce off and you can try again. If you hit the right spot, you’ll leave a mark on the seal that will slowly lose intensity. You have a limited amount of time to find the next binding point and break it as well. Once all the binding points are broken, the entire seal will break and Kratos can open the door. The animated gif above should illustrate the process quite well.

Now that you know how to open the Hidden Chamber of Odin doors, do you know what awaits you on the other side? Many times you’ll be facing off against a Valkyrie, arguably the toughest enemy in the game. For advice on how to defeat it and many other guides, be sure to visit our God of War Guide Hub.