How to perfect dodge in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Watch your timing.

Image via Nintendo

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you’ll have to fight various enemies ranging from low-level mobs to the biggest of bosses. Kirby might not have the most diverse array of combat options, but he does have one maneuver — a dodge — that can help greatly when avoiding damage. If you can time it just right, you’ll perform a perfect dodge, allowing you to not just evade an oncoming attack, but also get a ton of free hits in.

To perform a dodge, hold down any of the Switch’s shoulder buttons — L, R, ZL, or ZR — and then move the left analog stick in the direction you wish to dodge. Kirby will perform a handstand bounce, allowing him to phase right through any attacks coming his way. If you do this just before an attack hits, Kirby will perform a perfect dodge. Time will slow down around Kirby, but the pink puffball will still be able to move at a normal speed, allowing you to get off one heck of a counterattack. If you continuously use perfect dodges in boss fights, you can easily clear most of them out in a few minutes or less.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the franchise’s first mainline 3D title, and there’s a lot to do in it. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your copy abilities, where to find all of the hidden Waddle Dees in Downtown Grassland, or what Rare Stones are used for, check out our coverage on this game.