How to play The Blight in Dead by Daylight – best perks, strategies, and more

Rush them before they can run.


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Mastering a Killer in Dead by Daylight is no easy feat, particularly for those deemed “very hard” on the in-game difficulty scale. This guide explains how to play as one of those Killers, The Blight, offering a few strategies to make the most of its abilities and what its perks can help you achieve.

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How to use The Blight’s skills

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The Blight’s power is a Rush that allows it to run forward at incredible speed. However, it’s more than just a momentum boost to catch up with Survivors. First, you must activate Rush and collide with a wall or surface before the power is used up. Then, you can activate a Lethal Rush. This power is the same as the standard Rush, except the Killer will now swipe at any Survivors it runs into. You can use all of your charges in one Rush or save a few for when you’re closer to a Survivor. Either way, the Killer needs to take a break to recharge itself after a Rush ends.

Best strategies for playing as The Blight

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Since The Blight’s power is fairly limited, you need to strategize to make the most of it. There are various Add-Ons you can earn through the Bloodweb that will add extra charges to Rush, and they give you many more options in a Trial, so pack them in where you can. We’ve not found an Offering that makes a huge difference with The Blight, but a Memento Mori always goes a long way in a tough Trial.

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We find that using Rush to move between generators is the best way to start a Trial as The Blight. This added speed gets you from point to point without giving Survivors any breathing room. When you’re this fast, they panic, and that’s when you can hear or see them. As soon as you see a Survivor, aim for a wall and Rush. Then, activate Lethal Rush and aim toward the Survivors. It takes a little while to get used to how The Blight moves while using this power, but you will get better over time. The trick is to activate Lethal Rush just as you’re looking at a Survivor. The Blight moves so fast that the Survivors can’t get out of the way, meaning the Blight slashes them and puts them into the Dying state right away.

If you notice that your charges for Rush and Lethal Rush are running low and you can’t see a Survivor, then stop moving. It’s better to pause, get your bearings, and head off in the right direction where you think there’s a Survivor instead of continuing to Rush in any direction and slowing yourself down overall.

Best perks for The Blight

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The four perks we like to run with while playing as The Blight are as follows. If you want to make the most of this Killer and its unique power, we suggest you use the same ones or something similar.

  • Dragon’s Grip: After you damage a generator, any Survivor that interacts with it for the next 30 seconds will scream, revealing their location for four seconds and becoming afflicted with the Exposed status for 60 seconds.
  • Monstrous Shrine: Grants 6% faster Entity progress, 10% increased difficulty on escape attempts, and 6% increased penalty on escape fails for Survivors.
  • Sloppy Butcher: Basic attacks cause Survivors to suffer from the Hemorrhage and Mangled status effects. Increases the rate at which healing progression is lost from Hemorrhage by 25%, but both status effects are removed once fully healed.
  • Bitter Murmur: Each time a generator is fully repaired, Survivors within 16 meters of the completed generator are revealed for five seconds. When the last generator is fully repaired, all Survivors’ auras are revealed for seven seconds.

Note that the numbers on these perks will change depending on the rarity of the version you attach. The rarer the perk, the greater the benefit to The Blight.