How to play the Winter Express LTM in Apex Legends

Ward off two other squads from a lengthy freight train.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends continues its holiday tradition of giving players limited-time access to its Winter Express mode during the month of December. The LTM is certainly one of the most unique modes that fans have seen yet, as it blends elements from both its Battle Royale and Arena modes. More significantly, it separates itself from the rest by holding a moving cargo train that squads will want to take control of. This guide will run down the ruleset of Winter Express and how you can earn victories in Apex’s special holiday mode.

How does Winter Express work in Apex Legends?

Winter Express takes place in a modified version of World’s Edge and consists of three teams of trios, each seeking to either gain control of the train or eliminate all opponents in order to win. However, the LTM is round-based, so squads will need to win three different rounds in order to be the match victors. Similar to Control, every Legend will begin the game by choosing one of five preset loadouts, though these can be changed once you are eliminated in any given round.

The mode also offers features that have not been seen in other LTMs. For one, players will be instantly eliminated until the next round when their health is fully depleted, though each Legend has access to an unlimited number of Shield Batteries and Med Kits. Additionally, those wanting to win by capturing the train’s zone will need to wait for the area to unlock after it stops at the next POI ahead. As it is set on World’s Edge, these named locations include Capitol City, Fool’s Gulch, Refinery, and Derailment.

It is also worth mentioning that round-winners get a significant leg up the following round. This is because the winning team will automatically spawn on the train, while the other two squads drop in from a Supply Ship above — similar to that of Battle Royale modes. This ultimately leads to promising strategies for all teams. For instance, those who spawn on the train should use the Ultimate abilities of newer Defensive Legends, such as Newcastle or Catalyst, to create blockages around the train’s capture zone. Meanwhile, players leaping from the Supply Ship can head to the next train station to catch others by surprise.

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Apex Legends Winter Express 2022 times and dates

At the time of writing, Winter Express is available in Apex Legends from December 6 at 1 PM ET to December 27, all thanks to the Wintertide Collection Event. The holiday fest also ropes in 24 new cosmetics to collect, such as Legend outfits, weapons skins, and charms. You will even have a shot to own Wraith’s Mythic Prestige skin, Apex Voidshifter, which is an outfit that bears two additional forms when you complete its challenges.