How to register as VIP in GTA 5

Show you are the big dog in this town.

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There is no shortage of things to do when playing online in Grand Theft Auto V. Over the years, countless features have been added, including jobs, vehicles, heists, and much more. One of the more important updates has to do with the roles players can register for themselves. Here is how you can register yourself as a VIP or CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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How to be a VIP in Grand Theft Auto V

Before you can register yourself as a VIP, you must have at least $50,000 in your bank account, which is not a lot. If you have completed just about any Heist in the game, you should easily have this unless you spent all your money on something recently. Just play some jobs and you will have enough in no time.

When you have the money, pull up your Interactions Menu. Select SecuroServ and choose Register as VIP. If you own an office, this will have you register as a CEO instead. While you need $50,000 to do this, registering does not actually cost anything. If this is your first time taking control of an organization, the game will have you name it whatever you want.

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As a VIP, you can hire Bodyguards to join your Organization and protect you while completing missions in the open world. Often, these missions will have you contending with the other players in your session, so be prepared for a fight.

You can also choose the style of clothes your underlings wear, whether you can hurt each other with friendly fire, call in vehicles, and various special things like a luxury helicopter, ammo, armor, and bribe the cops to ignore your crimes. Being a VIP and moving to CEO when you can will open many doors that you normally would not have playing on your own or being someone else’s bodyguard.