Final Fantasy XIV: How to Rename Your Chocobo

The name of your Chocobo companion can change in Final Fantasy XIV, and this guide shows you two ways to do it.

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Early into your journey through Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV, you will be paired up with a Chocobo mount that will become a lifelong companion. While most mounts in the game are simply for getting around the world, this specific Chocobo can be customized in appearance and used as a combat partner in the outdoor world. You can also give it a name to truly make it your own.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the initial name given to their new friend, and there might be reasons that they would want to change it. Here is how you can change the name of your Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to change the name of your Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV

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There are actually two different ways to go about changing the name of your Chocobo companion in Final Fantasy XIV, and the process has also been made much easier than in the past. Nowadays, you simply need to find any of the Chocokeep NPCs in the three major launch cities of Eorzea.

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Upon speaking to any one of these NPCs after you have unlocked your Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV, you will be given the option to select Chocobo Renaming, which will bring up a text box to give the trusty bird steed a new name. You can give it any name you desire as long as it has between two and 20 letters with no hyphens. You also need to make sure you don’t have your Chocobo summoned when you initiate the rename.

The other method to rename your Chocobo companion is through the use of a stable housing item in either your personal house or Free Company dwelling. This functions in the same manner as the Chocokeeps. Make sure to click the stable and select Stable My Chocobo. Then select the Tend to My Chocobo option and choose Change Name.

Where to rename your Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV

The Chocokeep NPCs that can change your Chocobo’s name can be found in the following locations.

Cingur is found at (X:11.8, Y:12.6) in New Gridania near the Aetheryte.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mimigun is found at (X:12.3, Y:8.3) in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald.

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Fraegeim is found at (X:12, Y:11) in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.

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When you speak with the NPC, the process should be relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take too long. If you ever feel the need to change the name of your Chochobo again, feel free to return to any of these locations and go through the same process. I know I find myself doing it far more times than I’d like to admit while playing Final Fantasy XIV.