How to reveal the command symbol in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Taking control.

The newest addition to Fortnite’s collection of Season 8 NPCs is non-other than Ariana Grande, and she has a mission for us. Ariana has a new punchcard filled with quests, and one of them is to reveal the command symbol.

This is an interesting challenge, and players will need to make their way to the wooden hotel in Weeping Woods. Right outside, they will see a ghostly tablet floating in the air, surrounded by three lights in the ground. Each light will have a person in a pose above it, and players will need to replicate the pose.

If they replicate all three poses correctly, the tablet will solidify, and they will be able to interact with it. There will be three in total, but this quest may be bugged as we only need to complete two to get it to work. After it is solid, players can interact with the command symbol to finish up the challenge.

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