How to collect Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters

The item formerly known as Symbol.

The newest addition to Fortnite’s collection of Season 8 NPCs is non-other than Ariana Grande, and she has a mission for us. Ariana has a new punchcard filled with quests, and one of them is to collect Symbols from Eliminated Cube Monsters.

For this challenge, players will need to visit the Sideways, take out the Cube Monster there, then interact with the large floating symbols they drop to pick them up. Be careful, as this is risky as other monsters will try to swarm you when you do.

The Sideways Zone is a main POI that will be taken over by the Sideways each round. It will look like a giant, orange dome has been placed over the area. If you go inside, you will find yourself in a strange place, filled with monsters. In most ways, the layout of the area will be the same as it normally would, but some strange rocks might fill parts of it.

The Sideways Zone is also filled with special purple chests that only appear in the Sideways, and you can get some excellent new weapons from them, like Miniguns. They also tend to draw a lot of players, so be careful.

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