How to ring doorbells until they break in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Just don’t get caught by the neighborhood watch.

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From the addition of boat races to gigantic beach balls, the No Sweat Summer Event in Fortnite celebrates the season with several new features. This includes special quests such as the challenge of ringing doorbells until they break. The premise is fairly basic, though doorbells are in short supply around the battle royale’s island. Here’s where you’ll need to go to find and break them to obtain the challenge’s XP reward in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Where to find and break doorbells in Fortnite

Despite the island bearing several locations, there are just four areas that hold homes with doorbells: Greasy Grove, Coney Crossroads, the Shell or High Water landmark and the Puddle Pond landmark (as shown below). Once at one of their homes, you will then need head to the front entrance and break its doorbells by continually interacting with it with your respective reload button. The challenge does require that you break three doorbells, in total, so expect to do some traveling. You can find each doorbell location listed and marked below.

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  • Doorbell location #1: This doorbell is located at the Shell or High Water landmark northeast of Logjam Lumberyard. You can find this at the front entrance of the location’s white mansion.
  • Doorbell location #2: Inside Coney Crossroads, you can find two homes with doorbells in the top-left corner of the location.
  • Doorbell location #3: Another doorbell can be discovered at the home in the Puddle Pond landmark. This location is set directly in between Tilted Towers and Sanctuary.
  • Doorbell location #4: Lastly, there are two doorbells you can ring at Greasy Grove. The first is on the blue two-story home at the center of the POI, while the other is at the front of the yellow home in the northeast corner.

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Aside from wrecking havoc on neighborhoods, the game’s ongoing No Sweat Summer Event features plenty of other challenges for players to earn thousands of XP and cosmetics. For instance, those who find and set down a No Sweat sign can unlock the Meowscles’ Tail style for the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling. Players searching for more XP should even look to complete a lap of the game’s boat race circuit which is set east of Sanctuary.