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How to sabotage hooks in Dead by Daylight

Stop the Killer from taking the easy route.

Survivors have a few tricks up their sleeves to help them best the Killer in Dead by Daylight. They can obstruct the Killer and give a carried Survivor more of a chance to wriggle free, drop a flashbang grenade, or use a flashlight to blind the Killer and force them to drop their ally. This guide explains how to get ahead of the Killer and sabotage hooks in Dead by Daylight, so they have to walk further to hook your fellow Survivors.

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How do you sabotage a hook?

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To sabotage a hook, you need to enter a Trial as a Survivor with a toolbox. Using this item, you can walk up to any hook in the map and sabotage it. Once sabotaged, the hook will be unusable for a short period of time, meaning a Killer can’t hook a Survivor there while it’s sabotaged. However, when the hook falls off, it makes a noise that alerts the Killer to your presence, so you’ll need to get away from the hook as fast as possible.

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Tips to make sabotage easier

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Using a standard toolbox, you’ll likely only be able to sabotage two hooks at most. To sabotage more, check what Add-Ons you’ve unlocked through the Bloodweb to see if you’ve got some that will help. Common ones include Hacksaw, which increases your sabotage speed by 20%, but you can also add charges to the toolbox with others. The rarity of the toolbox you’re using also plays a role in determining how many hooks you can sabotage. The rarer the toolbox, the more hooks you can sabotage. Event toolboxes are the best, so hold onto these and use them all before you prestige a character and lose your items.

The best tactic we’ve adopted for sabotaging hooks is to look for any near the generator you’re currently repairing. By sabotaging the closest hook to a generator, you’ll remove the Killer’s ability to instantly grab and hook you. However, it’s worth considering how much progress is still required on the generator. If you haven’t started repairing yet, wait until you’re close to completion to sabotage the hook. If another Survivor is already repairing it, sabotage the hook because you’ll repair it much faster with two or more Survivors.

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