What time does your rank reset in Dead by Daylight? Killer and Survivor ranks explained

Know when you get your hard-earned rewards.


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Dead by Daylight has several levels for you to keep track of. These include each character’s Bloodpoint level, their prestige level, your overall player level, and your Killer and Survivor ranks. It’s a lot for even the most experienced players to try to understand. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for what time your rank resets in Dead by Daylight and what it means for you each time it does.

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What time does your rank reset?

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Both your Killer and Survivor rank in Dead by Daylight reset on the 13th day of every month. The exact time can vary, but it’s usually midnight local time wherever you are in the world. This means that if you play the game on the 12th of the month, then wake up and play it on the 13th of the month, your rank will have been reset to the lowest possible grade in between. However, you’ll also receive a chunk of Bloodpoints that’s related to the grade you reached in the previous month. The higher your grade, the more Bloodpoints you’ll get on the 13th of the following month.

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What are Survivor and Killer ranks?

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Your Killer and Survivor ranks are what you build up by earning Emblems in each Trial in Dead by Daylight. At the end of a Trial, you’ll go through a series of screens that show you your performance, including how many of the different types of Emblems, including Devout Emblems, you earned, how many Bloodpoints you were awarded, and how much your player level has increased with experience gained. Your Killer or Survivor rank appears on the page that shows your online Killer/Survivor grade. There are four main levels of these grades and four levels within each one. They are as follows:

  • Ash IV – I
  • Bronze IV – I
  • Silver IV – I
  • Gold IV – I
  • Iridescent IV – I

You start each month in the Ash IV grade and will work your way up to the Iridescent grades providing you don’t have any disastrous Trials. After a certain point, you can lose grades as well as gain them, so every Trial matters. When the Killer and Survivor ranks reset on the 13th of the month, you’ll be awarded Bloodpoints based on your grade. We’ve broken down the Bloodpoint rewards for each rank below, so you know how many you’ll be getting this time.

  • Ash IV – 10,000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash III – 20,000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash II – 35,000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash I – 50,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze IV – 100,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze III – 125,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze II – 150,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze I – 175,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver IV – 250,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver III – 280,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver II – 310,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver I – 340,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold IV – 400,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold III – 450,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold II – 500,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold I – 550,000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent IV – 700,000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent III – 800,000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent II – 900,000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent I – 100,000,000 Bloodpoints

How to increase your Killer and Survivor ranks

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The only way to increase your Killer and Survivor ranks is by completing Trials and being the best Survivor or Killer possible. For Survivors, this means repairing generators, distracting the Killer, getting out of chases, and unhooking other players. For Killers, this means sacrificing players, damaging generators, preventing escapes, and chasing Survivors to the ends of a map. Each action counts toward an Emblem, and the better the quality of your Emblems, the higher your rank will go at the end of each Trial.

Once you enter the Bronze ranks, you can lose ranks by underperforming in Trials. This means that hiding in the grass or avoiding hunting down Survivors will start to have a detrimental effect on your account. You’re better off playing to the best of your ability in every Trial if you want to climb as high as possible in these ranks. Your Killer rank is separate from your Survivor rank, so you can specialize in one or try to push them each as high as possible if you want the maximum rewards.