How to share a Genshin Concert 2022 concert pass

Sharing a concert pass will reward you with plenty of in-game items.

image via HoYoverse

Game studio miHoYo announced a new Genshin Concert for 2022, and a full video of the concert will be free globally on the Genshin Concert YouTube on October 2. The live performance will feature music from Genshin Impact game. As a lead-in for the performance, players can receive a digital concert pass and participate in an event for the game.

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What is a concert pass?

A concert pass is a digital ticket that contains artwork of one of six potential Genshin Impact characters. You can get it for free on the Genshin Concert website, and you need a pass to be considered a successful participant. Successful participants will receive in-game rewards and could be randomly selected to receive free items. However, you first need to create a Hoyoverse Account and have your account connected to your save file of Genshin Impact.

How to create a Hoyoverse Account

You can create a Hoyoverse Account on the Genshin Concert or the Hoyoverse website. There’s a log-in selection on both websites; if you don’t have a Hoyoverse Account, you can sign up and create one. When signing in, you need to share your primary email address and prove you’re not a bot. You then have to request a code, which will be sent to you via your email. You then copy and paste the code on the sign-up window to finish making your account. You can head to the officially Hoyoverse Account website to customize your account and connect with your social media accounts, digital storefronts, other devices, and your Genshin Impact account.

How to get and share a concert pass

Once you’ve finished making your account, head back to the Genshin Concert webpage, and the website will request you to pick a server. Pick the right server to ensure that in-game prizes are sent to your correct account. Scroll down below the official image of the concert, and you will see the concert ticket. Select one of the emblems on the left of the ticket to decide which character you want on your pass, and then click the Share Concert Pass on the right.

Image via miHoYo

A pop-up window will appear, and you can either select Copy Link, which would give you an URL of the digital ticket, or Share. If you select Share, hit the Link Now button, and you will be redirected to HoYoLAB. You have to log in to your preferred Genshin Impact account, which should be connected to your preferred Hoyoverse account. You need to share any contact information when you link, in case you win real-life merch. Head back to the pop-up window and select Share again. After picking Share, decide your preferred social media platform to share your pass.

What do you get for sharing your concert pass?

Sharing a concert pass will reward successful participants with 20,000 Mora and 30 Primogems via the in-game gift pack sent to players’ accounts. 500 successful participants are then chosen and will receive a Character Mood Gift Box and a Genchin Concert 2022 Series Commemorative Hologram Ticket. Winning participants can choose the specific Genshin Concert Series Character Mood Gift Box they prefer in the delivery information and receive a Commemorative Hologram Ticket of the same character. The event lasts from September 25 to the end of October 1.