How to smash Snowmen collectibles in Forza Horizon 5

It was a nice snowman.

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Candy canes and Christmas trees are not the only holiday-themed objects that have been added to the Forza Horizon 5 world. Snowmen have as well, and you’ll need to smash a few of these in order to complete some challenges for the Horizon Holidays playlist. So, where can you smash some snowmen in Forza Horizon 5? Let’s go over what you need to do.

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How to smash Snowmen collectibles

To smash snowmen, you will first need to find snowmen. Since Forza Horizon 5 is situated in the country of Mexico, don’t expect to find any real ones out on the road. In order to find snowmen in FH5, you’ll have to go to the only place where it can snow on the map.

To find these collectibles, you will want to go to the La Gran Caldera volcano. Here’s a look at where it can be found on the map:

Now, you will have to drive up to the top of the mountain in order to find collectibles. As you go up in elevation, snow will begin to appear on the ground. On the side of the snowy roads are these snowmen collectibles. Crush these objects with the car in order to make progress towards the challenge.

These snowmen won’t be isolated in one area. Because of this, you will have drive up to the top and look at the side of the road at all times. Do that, and you’ll be able to find the collectibles needed. For the Horizon Holidays collectibles challenge, 20 will need to be destroyed.