How to solve Aralohita’s Riddle in Genshin Impact

Solve Aralohita’s Riddle in Genshin Impact involves shooting Dendrograna at Valayas in the correct order.

Luxurious Chest Reward for solving Aralohita's Riddle in Genshin Impact

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During the World Quest, “Until Vana is Healed,” the Traveler and Paimon must accompany Ararycan to investigate an Ardravi Valley cave and solve Aralohita’s Riddle. This quest’s story builds on what you learned during “Vimana Agama” of Aranyaka: Part II — “Dream Nursery.” You will gain access to “Until Vana is Healed” after completing “For Fruits, Seeds, and Trees,” the first quest of Aranyaka: Part III — “Nursery of Lost Dreams.” Upon meeting up with Ararycan, you realize the Abyss Order is causing trouble in the forest. As expected, it is up to you to put a stop to their sinister schemes.

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Solution to Aralohita’s Riddle in Genshin Impact

Aralohita's Riddle Solution in Genshin Impact
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After clearing the Withering Zone outside the cave’s entrance during the “Until Vana is Healed” World Quest in Genshin Impact, be sure to have a Pyro character in your party to deal with the Cryo Abyss Mage that will appear at the entryway. Once inside, you must search for clues left by Aralohita, an Aranara from the past who accompanied the famed Pir Kavikavus. Before proceeding further into the labyrinth to meet up with Jazari, you must solve Aralohita’s Riddle in Genshin Impact. You can find three pieces of this riddle on the cave walls near the grotto’s entrance. From the leftmost to the far-right writing, the Aranara Language reads, “Rishboland Tiger,” “Shroomboar,” and “Dusk Bird.”

According to Ararycan, Aralohita’s Riddle in Genshin Impact is “Ran across it the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today.” While this statement might sound unnecessarily complicated, the solution to the riddle is relatively easy to execute. After speaking with Ararycan:

  1. Equip a ranged Bow character like Ganyu or Collei and interact with the nearby Auspicious Branch on the trail.
  2. Fire at the Valaya on the far left, middle, and then far right.
  3. In other words, shoot the Dendro Rings with Dendrograna in the following order: “Rishboland Tiger,” “Shroomboar,” and”Dusk Bird.”

Luxurious Chest will appear as a reward for solving Aralohita’s Riddle in Genshin Impact, and you can continue your journey into the labyrinth.