How to complete For the Children of the Past in Genshin Impact

During For the Children of the Past, the Traveler and Paimon must explore the dangerous remains of Old Vanarana with Arama.

Overlooking the ruins of Old Vanarana in Genshin Impact For the Children of the Past Quest

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Directly after discovering the Fane of Ashvattha at the end of “For Fruits, Seeds, and Trees” in Genshin Impact, you will immediately embark on “For the Children of the Past” with Arama by venturing into the Decay-ridden Old Vanarana. Overrun with The Withering, Old Vanarana is hardly safe to explore. However, you can safely traverse its environment by staying close to Arama, who will have a green aura surrounding them that dispels Decay. Your goal is to find three Inscriptions of Remembrance, which Arama will need to break a seal you will encounter later while exploring.

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Completing For the Children of the Past in Genshin Impact

Following Arama During For the Children of the Past in Genshin Impact
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During the first half of the “For the Children of the Past” quest in Genshin Impact, you must stay close to Arama and only venture behind their aura of protection to defeat enemies blocking your path or activate Candles of Life. While you might be tempted to ignore any Slimes, Hilichurls, or weaker Fungi you encounter along the main trail, remember that Arama moves slowly. Simply put, you would be better off removing any hindrances on your path than risking wasting in healing food items. Eventually, you will arrive at the first Inscription of Remembrance inside an abandoned Aranara hut. Defeat the nearby Winged Dendroshrooms and Floating Dendro Fungi to retrieve it.

The process of staying near Arama, defeating enemies along the way, and retrieving Inscriptions of Remembrance is what you will be doing for the initial portion of “For the Children of the Past” in Genshin Impact. At first, you will pass by a few common Fungi mobs, but later you will encounter Riftwolves, a Stonehide Lawachurl, and a Ruin Drake: Skywatch blocking your path. Nevertheless, as long as you do not wander too far from Arama and have the means to heal your party, this part of the quest is relatively linear and easy to get through.

You will find the seal Arama is searching for within the hollow of a giant vertical log in “For the Children of the Past” in Genshin Impact. Arama will use the three Inscriptions of Remembrance you gathered to dispel the seal, allowing you to venture deeper into the underground tunnels of Old Vanarana. These tunnels are guarded by several Fungi and Slimes that you must fight past to reach a massive, sand-filled grotto with a Tumor of the Withering. Despite the many Ruin Guards lying about, only one will be active. We recommend having Diona or Zhongli shield the team during this small skirmish, as the surrounding Fetid Boughs will continuously target you with pesky projectiles while you are trying to fight.

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Attacking Stone Pillar Seals with Pyro Abilities in Genshin Impact
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Unlike other Tumor of the Withering you have encountered before, you will notice that this Tumor in “For the Children of the Past” does not have any Withering Branches or nearby Auspicious Branches Genshin Impact. Instead, you must progress the quest by finding and destroying seven of Aradasha’s Stone Locks in the area. Four of these Stone Pillar Seals can be found in the central chamber, while three others are hidden within a concealed tunnel passage. You can access the passageway by playing your Vintage Lyre at the Claustroflora near the northeastern corner of the cave.

In the tunnel, you will encounter a blocked path that can only be opened by firing Healthy Dendrograna at four Special Valaya. You must use your Vintage Lyre on the Sprouting Branch to spawn the Dendrograna. Once you have located every Stone Pillar Seal, you can destroy them using Pyro attacks from any of your Pyro units like Hu Tao, Xiangling, or Klee. Keep your distance after striking a seal for the first time, as it will release an AoE that can damage your characters. After all seven of Aradasha’s Stone Locks have been deactivated, speak with Arama to continue “For the Children of the Past” in Genshin Impact.

After a brief cutscene, you will find yourself in another sand-filled chamber, but this time you will face a giant Ruin Grader. Its HP will fully regenerate twice after being defeated in combat. If you are low on healing supplies or HP, consider going into the alcove behind Arama and standing at the back where the Ruin Grader cannot reach you. You can stand near the wall and safely fire ranged attacks until it has been defeated twice. Once this battle sequence is over, you will fall into Aramuhukunda’s home, where you must investigate five murals on the cavern wall, a chair, the nearby pool, and a pile of books and baggage.

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Investigating Aramuhukunda's home with Arama in Genshin Impact
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Aramuhukunda will shortly appear after you have examined points of interest in their home. A dialogue cutscene will take place, after which you will be tasked with going even deeper into Old Vanarana to reach the Land of Grounded Dreams. This portion of the quest in Genshin Impact marks the conclusion of “For the Children of the Past” and the beginning of “For All Children Who Long for Life.”