How to stun the killer in Dead by Daylight

One of the best to elude the killer is to stun him.

As players in Dead by Daylight try to elude the killer, they have a number of tricks at their disposal to avoid getting caught. One of them is the stun mechanic. As the name implies, the stun mechanic basically dazes the killer for a few seconds. Not only does it give survivors some time to escape, but you can also free the survivor from the killer’s grasp. You can stun the killer in a number of ways, including using items or perks. Here are some of the ways by which you can stun the killer in Dead by Daylight.


Pallets are obstacles scattered around the game’s world. While survivors can just vault over an activated Pallet, killers need to destroy it to go past it. This requires a bit of time and provides survivors a bit of time to get away since killers can’t see them when the breaking animation is underway. Moreover, if you get the timing right, you can stun the killer using a pallet as well. All you need to do is activate the pallet when the killer is in the vicinity of the pallet. This will stun him and free the captured survivor in the injured state.


Using the flashlight is one of the most popular ways to stun the killer. The flashlight not only stuns the killer, but can also have a Lightburn effect on the Wraith and the Nurse. For other killers, the flashlight just has a blinding effect on them. The reason why only Nurse and Wraith undergo the Lightburn effect is because the other killers cannot interact with the spirit world.

Decisive Strike

The Decisive Strike perk is one of the best survivor abilities. When a player is hooked or unhooked, the Decisive Strike gets activated and if they get grabbed by the killer during the ability’s duration (which ranges from 40 to 60 seconds depending on the perk’s tier), they will be able to escape the Killer’s grasp provided that they finish the Skill Check (a quick-time event). This will also stun the killer for five seconds. Whether you are able to do the Skill Check or not, the Decisive Strike ability will be disabled after that. However, if you do end up stunning the killer, you will be the killer’s Obsession.

Head On

The Head On perk lets players stun the killer for a total of 3 seconds. It activates when the player is standing in a locker. After the perk is activated, if the survivor uses a “rushed action,” which is basically fast-exiting a locker, and the killer is in vicinity, the killer will get stunned. This also gives the survivor the Exhausted status condition if they are able to successfully execute the perk.

Power Struggle

The Power Struggle is one of the lesser-used perks but it is still a good very addition to some builds. The Power Struggle perk gets activated when the survivor is being carried by the Killer and the Wiggle progression reaches 35% (ranges between 35 to 25% depending on the tier of the perk). When Power Struggle is activated, the survivor can activate a Pellet that is nearby and that will stun the killer. This will allow them to escape although they will get the injured status condition.