How to teleport using Rift Generators at different Seven Outposts in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

We have the technology.

One of the challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Week 5 is to use a teleporter Rift Generator at three different Seven Outposts. Seven Outposts can be found dotted all over the map, and you can find their locations shown on the map below.

Each Seven Outpost also has a Rift Generator beside it. This small machine will create rifts that players can walk into. The Rifts looks like small tears in reality around the generator. Walking into one will cause the player to respawn high above the map, allowing them to freefall and open their glider again if they wish.

All players need to do to finish this challenge is visit three different Seven Outposts and use the Rift Generators to teleport, and that’s it. You can easily do it in one match if you grab a vehicle, as driving into the Rift with a vehicle will actually teleport the vehicle with you, which can be quite funny.

You can find the rest of the Week 5 challenges below:

  • Build structures at Creamy Crossroads, Sleepy Sound, and Condo Canyon (0/3)
  • Claim an abandoned tent (0/1)
  • Drive a vehicle through water (0/1)
  • Knock down Timber Pines (0/5)
  • Gain shields using a Shield Sprinkler (0/100)
  • Teleport using Rift Generators at different Seven Outposts (0/3)
  • Destroy structures with Motorboat MIssiles (0/15)
  • Damage opponents with an SMG (0/1000)
  • Purchase items from vending machines (0/3)