How to unlock and access Omnium Beacon in Tower of Fantasy

A new hand touches the Beacon.

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Of the five Select activities in Tower of Fantasy, Omnium Beacon is one of the easiest to complete, provided you’re good at playing hide and seek. Like any Select activity, it costs Vitality to activate, but due to its nature, it’s the only Select option with a PvP element. Rather than relying on other players to help you clear a dungeon in Joint Operations, Omnium Beacons challenge the placing player to hide a gathering point, and others in the world can take it, depriving the placing player of a full reward.

Here’s a detailed rundown of how to unlock, access, and use Omnium Beacons.

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Earning the Beacon in Tower of Fantasy

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You unlock the ability to access Omnium Beacons at level 28, and it appears as the second to last option in the Select screen of the Adventure menu. Selecting it opens the Omnium Beacon screen, which allows you to spend 30 Vitality to obtain an Omnium collector. You can then choose to Deploy the collector almost anywhere in the overworld.

Once you place a collector, you’ll need to wait 24 hours to gather the rewards it will eventually generate. The catch is, whenever another player claims a collector of their own close to the one you placed, they’re provided with a scanner showing not only the general area of your set collector but also three pictures showing the surroundings.

This mechanic functions both ways, as you can also be provided with coordinates for other players’ collectors. Provided you or they discover the location of a collector, you can steal some of the earned rewards, depriving each other of the full benefit of the activity.

Protecting your collector is paramount, and while you can’t stop another player from discovering its coordinates, you can pick out-of-the-way or hard-to-reach spots to place them. Be aware that you can only install a collector on solid ground in a relatively open area. Cliffsides, beneath trees, and similar locations will be rejected.

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We recommend not doing any Omnium Beacon activities until you’ve unlocked at least Astra and Banges, as you’ll have many more locations available to hide your collector once you do so.

After 24 hours, you can go into the Omnium Beacon menu to take the rewards from the collector, then start the process all over again if you so choose.