All Fortnite Weapon Mods & Which Are The Best?

Weapon mods are now available in Fortnite to enhance your weapons, and this guide covers the best ones you should be using.

How Weapon Mods Work in Fortnite & the Best To Use

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Weapon mods have been added to Fortnite, and you can use them to augment your weapons to give them a sharper edge. You can pick from several weapon mods, and knowing the best ones you should be using is important.

The higher rarity weapons you find while playing Fortnite will have weapon mods, but you can swap them out. You might get lucky and find a weapon with the mods you want to use. Here’s what you need to know about every Fortnite weapon mods you can find while playing and which ones are the best ones.

All Fortnite Weapon Attachments Explained

All Weapon Mods in Fortnite & How They Work
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There are 11 weapons mods that you can find in Fortnite. These weapon mods change a weapon’s overall appearance and provide a handful of passive upgrades you can benefit from while using it.

Many of these changes are subtle, but they can give you a decent edge on another player if you know how to properly optimize a weapon mod and give it to the correct weapon. These are all 11 weapons mods in Fortnite and how they work. You can swap them out, which requires you to find a weapon mod station within the vaults of the bosses scattered across the map.

  • Angled Foregrip: The Angled Foregrip reduces your time to aim down sights with your weapon.
  • Drum Mag: The Drum Mag increases your weapon’s ammunition.
  • Holo-13 Optic: Gives your weapon a 1.3x zoom scope
  • Laser: The Laser weapon attachment increases your weapon’s hipfire accuracy
  • Muzzle Brake: The Muzzle Brake reduces your weapon’s overall recoil
  • P2X Optic: Gives your weapon a 2x zoom scope
  • Red Eye Sight: Gives your weapon a 1.5x zoom scope
  • Sniper Scope: Gives your weapon a 4x zoom scope
  • Speed Mag: Using the Speed Mag increases your weapon’s reload speed
  • Suppressor: The Suppressor will reduce the muzzle flash of your weapon, and dampen the audio of its shots
  • Vertical Foregrip: The Vertical Foregrip improves your weapon’s recoil and spread

The Best Fortnite Weapon Mods

Some of my favorite Fortnite weapon mods are the ones that will reduce my weapon’s recoil and improve aim down sights. These correct of the more dangerous aspects of shooting a weapon in Fortnite, and effectively taking down important. Noting those factors, my favorite weapon mods are the Drum Mag, Laser, Muzzle Brake, Red Eye Sight, and Vertical Foregrip.

Drum Mag

You can never go wrong with the Drum Mag in Fortnight. Although it does not provide an overall passive to a weapon, it increases the amount of ammunition it can hold. This can be extremely useful in nearly every fight, giving you a few extra shots to take out an opponent before they can score a hit against you. I almost always try to have an SMG or an assault rifle with a Drum Mag on my character.


The next is the Laser, another minor weapon mod in Fortnite that is a huge boost to your weapon. For another who needs to react quickly, using the Laser ensures that your hipfire shots are going to have a higher chance of hitting your target, which makes it perfect for fighting in close-quarters encounters. I typically find this happening close to the end of a match.

Muzzle Brake

Similar to the Laser, the Muzzle Brake reduces your weapon’s overall recoil, giving you a better chance of hitting an opponent. In Fortnite, a weapon’s sway can make or break you when you only have seconds to fire off a few shots. One of my favorite combinations is to couple the Muzzle Brake with the Laser, where the weapon rarely ever moves away from my crosshair.

Red Eye Sight

The Red Eye Sight is an excellent scope to place on your weapon when using a close-range weapon. You can never beat the Sniper Scope for a long-range rifle, but the Red Eye Sight makes it much easier to narrow down a target. It is not good against multiple targets, as you’ll be zoomed in to the sights of your weapon, potentially making yourself vulnerable to anyone who tries to outflank you during your Fortnite match.

Vertical Foregrip

The final weapon mod I recommend in Fortnite is the Vertical Foregrip. If you want to try keeping your weapon’s recoil down and you’re worried about the overall spread of bullets, the Vertical Foregrip is a great way to keep them in check. It’s a fantastic weapon mod for you to use on any shotgun, or you can use it on any burst-fire weapon that you find during your Fortnite match.