How to unlock Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now if only Daisy were here.

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There are plenty of characters for you to unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Characters new and old all make an appearance, but none are as iconic as the original Disney characters. Among these characters is Donald Duck, a classic character who is nowhere to be found in the valley. Well, not right away at least. To unlock Donald Duck, you need to be courageous. Here is how you unlock Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will unlock different biomes. One of the biomes you will unlock is called the Forest of Valor. You will be able to unlock the Forest of Valor after you restore the Pillar of Friendship in the Peaceful Meadow and you gather the Dreamlight necessary to remove the Night Thorns blocking your access. After unlocking the Forest of Valor, you will find Kristoff standing near a dark portal.

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Talk to Kristoff and he will tell you the tale of how Donald Duck was brave enough to jump into the dark portal after seeing an entity enter it. Kristoff will refuse to move until his pal is safe. Your only option is to jump into the portal after Donald.

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The portal will take you to the Dark Grove where you will see a forest shrouded in fog. Walk around this area, avoiding the fog since it will teleport you back to where you spawned, and find the items scattered about the area. You will find a plant and one of Donald’s feathers. Return these items to Kristoff. Afterward, talk to Merlin about crafting a spell to track down Donald.

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After speaking to Merlin, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Donald’s Feather (if you didn’t grab it from the Dark Grove)
  • 2 Emeralds
  • 4 Dream Shards
  • Plant from the Dark Grove (if you didn’t grab it from the Dark Grove)

The Emeralds can be found by mining Rock Spots in the Forest of Valor and the Dream Shards can be found by destroying Night Thorns and by digging up the ground where it is sparkling. Once you have the items, return to Merlin and he will craft the enchantment. Go back into the Dark Grove and you will see Donald’s feather flying around. Follow it through the fog so you don’t get lost and it will lead you to Donald. Speak to him and he will come back to the Valley.