How to Unlock The Aloalo Island Secret Boss in Final Fantasy XIV

There’s a secret boss you can unlock in Final Fantasy XIV’s Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon, and this guide shows you how to find it.

The Variant Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV allow you to explore unique locations and complete distinct tasks by yourself or with a small party. For Aloalo Island, there’s a chance for you to unlock a secret boss.

There’s only one way for you to unlock the secret boss, and it does require you to work on a specific puzzle and complete a particular ritual. If you don’t follow the correct steps, the secret boss won’t appear, and you’ll miss out on this fun encounter. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Aloalo Island Secret Boss in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How To Get The Secret Boss on Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV

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There are several steps you need to follow to unlock this Secret Boss. You will want to ensure you’ve completed the other 11 Conversation Records before you do this one so you haven’t done the different pathways. Work on those before going down this way.

The first is to ensure you go down the Right Path when arriving on Aloalo Island. You and your Final Fantasy XIV party need to make sure to head down this path, and it should be relatively smooth sailing for most of it. However, after you defeat the first boss, a fairy will appear, Statice, who will offer to show you a pathway to treasure. Make sure to deny the Fairy’s secrets, which you have to do three times before Statice finally leaves. After rejecting the Fairy, a new path will unlock, and you’ll need to ignore the treasure chests down this route.

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The next step has you standing in front of three statues. There is a Whale, a Sparrow, and a Turtle. Stand in front of the Whale first and say, “O wayfarer from beyond the horizon, hear me.” and the whale statue will begin to glow. From here, make a circle around the statues going to the left, stop when you reWhalehe whale, and then go the other way, making a complete circle. When you arrive at the Whale statue once again, perform the /dance emote, and you’ll complete this section in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Now, stand on the other side of the circle before the Turtle and say, “O wayfarer of land and sea, hear me.” You’ll need to perform another circle around these statues, making two circles on the right side, going past the Sparrow. After your second circle, stop at the Turtle and perform the /bow to the statue with your Final Fantasy XIV character, completing it.

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The final step requires you to stand in front of the Sparrow statue. From here, you need to say, “O dancer of the skies, hear me.” and then perform a /blowkiss emote with your Final Fantasy XIV character. Now, make another circle around the statues, going to the left toward the Turtle, and only one circle, stopping in front of the Sparrow. When you reach the Sparrow, perform the /dance emote, completing this section.

This will unlock a secret pathway for you to explore, in between the statues. Follow the path, and you’ll fight a small group of enemies. One of the foes, the enemy who summoned the first boss on you close to the start of the dungeon, will drop a bag. Have your Final Fantasy XIV character pick up the bag, and it’ll contain several statues within it. There will be pedestals up ahead in the foggy area, and you need to place them in a specific order: Sparrow, Whale, and Turtle, and they need to follow this specific order.

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Now, when you reach the end of the boss route, you’ll find the secret boss with your Final Fantasy XIV group. Again, this needs to be the last route you complete with your Final Fantasy XIV character, or you won’t unlock the Secret Boss for the Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon.