How to unlock The Floral Baller silenced pistol in Hitman 3

Add a pretty flair to your arsenal, 47.


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The Floral Baller is a beautifully-decorated silenced pistol in Hitman 3. It’s unlike anything else in the game and brings a new level to the customization depth of every loadout. With it, you can create a version of Agent 47 that has a sense of style instead of just a sharp eye for suits. This guide explains how to unlock The Floral Baller silenced pistol, so you can begin murdering targets with a truly iconic tool.

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How do you get The Floral Baller silenced pistol?

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To unlock The Floral Baller silenced pistol, you need to complete a challenge added to the Dartmoor Garden Show mission as part of Hitman 3’s August Year Two roadmap. At the time of writing, the challenge hasn’t been added to the game, so you’ll have to keep an eye out on August 11 when the challenge goes live. Before then, though, you could take this opportunity to complete every challenge in the mission and ensure you have the map knowledge required to unlock The Floral Baller quickly when it becomes available.

What is the Dartmoor Garden Show?

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The Dartmoor Garden Show is a revamped version of the Dartmoor map from Hitman 3. It’s akin to an Escalation because it has three levels to it, but it’s unique because you can choose to kill your targets in any order. You have a set number of targets to kill in each level and are given a selection to pick from by killing them. This means you can take out certain targets in the earlier levels to allow yourself to pull off incredible assassinations in the final one. However, the map isn’t as big as the standard Dartmoor one is, because it only takes place on the grounds of the location. As a result, you’re limited in the number of assassination methods at your disposal, though the challenge that unlocks The Floral Baller may add some new items and opportunities for kills into the mix.