How to unlock the Jawson Brody achievement in Far Cry 6

You’ve got to blow up a shark.

Image via Ubisoft

The Jawson Brody achievement in Far Cry 6 is among the most fun of the 53 achievements in the game. It requires you to blow up a shark with explosives, and how difficult this is will depend on how far into the game you have already advanced. Unlocking this will net you 15G if you’re playing on Xbox, and in this guide, we’ll walk you through the best way of getting this done.

As previously mentioned, this achievement’s difficulty depends on your story progress. Specifically, it’s most easily done if you have not yet completed the Napoleon El Pequeno mission. This mission is relatively short into the game, and is picked up after talking to Camilo “Estada” Montero at Montero Farm. Progress through the story until you reach this mission.

During the mission, you will need to travel to Jose’s Villa, located atop a small island. Luckily, Jose just so happens to own a large inground pool with a pet shark. Because this shark is confined to a relatively small isolated area, this is your best opportunity in the game to take one out with an easy explosive kill. Simply stand poolside and fire into it with an RPG, or lob in some well-placed grenades. It will die easy, granting you your 15G. If you’re unable to take it out, revert to your last save and work your way back to the pool to try again.

If you have already completed this mission by this point, then the shark will unfortunately be despawned, making the achievement a bit tougher. Your best bet in this case is to continue through the story until you have access to an armed chopper. Once you’ve got one, fly low over the coastlines and keep a close eye out for some sharks. If you find one, blast it out of the water with rockets for the achievement.