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How to unlock the Legendary Chest at The Below in God of War Ragnarok

Great loot is sometimes right below you.

Legendary Chests are the very well-hidden treasure chests you can unlock in God of War Ragnarök. They can grant you any number of rare upgrades in Ragnarök. Their rewards range from Relics, weapon upgrades, and much more. Each realm in Ragnarök contains an assortment of secrets to check off your list, and Legendary Chests are required if you want to collect every secret. This will explain how to unlock the Legendary Chest at the Below location in God of War Ragnarök.

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How to unlock the Legendary Chest at The Below

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Legendary Chest in the Barrens is well hidden and will require a lot of legwork to unlock. After completing the Temple of Light story quest with Try, you can begin your pursuit of this chest. Ignore the Mystic Gateway and head into a new region of Alfheim called Canyons.

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Traverse through this section to find a dog sled and a massive desert called the Barrens. You will venture into the Below location to complete the Secret of the Sands quest, and the Legendary Chest is located near the end of this hidden dungeon.

Where to find the Legendary Chest in The Below location

Upon entering the Barrens for the first time, you will gain a quest called the Secret of the Sands. The quest marker for this quest will take you to The Below entrance. You can use a sled to navigate this desert wasteland—Head towards the blue objective marker.

When you reach the objective marker, climb into the depths and reach an area called The Below. Head deeper into this cavern until you reach a room with some dark elves to fight and reflective surfaces everywhere.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Most of these surfaces are used to find optional items and a Nornir Chest but aren’t needed to progress out of the first chamber. Defeat the small group of dark elves that attack you and climb up the two platforms pictured below.

After climbing to the top of the ledge at the top of the room, you can zipline across a large ravine. Advance and wall jump until you reach a small landing with a drop-down ledge and a dead-end cave. You can see a reflective surface and objects to cut through. Drop down to the lower ledge with a wooden gate and a Nornir rune nearby to give yourself a good angle for your axe throw. Aim your axe with the angle pictured below to clear a path.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Wall jump through the clearing you made and continues platforming until you reach the other side. You will find a cave on the opposite side of the wooden gate you could see earlier. Open it to create a shortcut, then drop down into the room pictured below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you enter this room, you’ll be assaulted by a dangerous group of dark elves. Once the elves are defeated, proceed to the next area with two piles of debris blocking your path. Turn to your right and drop down the ledge. Peer over the cliff rocks to spot more debris you can destroy below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After the path is clear, you can proceed to the next big room. Dispatch the small group of explosive Wretches that will attack you after the enemies are gone. Look to your right. Aim your axe at the rotating object past the spores you need to destroy. Rotate it until the reflective surface is facing you. Then aim the axe with the angle pictured below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you clear this hive matter, leap across the gap and turn to your left. Destroy the firepot and clear the debris on the far side of the room. Leap across the gap and climb up the ledge that the debris was blocking. Aim with the angle in the picture below to clear more hive matter.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With all the hive matter cleared. Drop down and enter the area you’ve uncovered. Some Nightmares will spawn, clear them out and climb the wall to exit this area. Keep following the path until you reach the room containing the creature Kratos and Atreus have been discussing.

In the chamber, aim at the firepot to the left behind the debris. Then lap on the platform and aim at the hive matter with the angle pictured below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you clear this matter, leap back to the ledge you came from and aim for the last remaining hive matter in this room. Now that you’ve saved the creature, you still have one last obstacle keeping it from leaving and roaming free. Head out of the room while climbing out of the Below area. Before you smash through the ceiling to leave this location once and for all, your efforts will be rewarded with a Legendary Chest waiting by the exit.

This Legendary Chest will reward you with Whisper Slab crafting components, a scarce material that is hard to find across the nine realms. Use crafting materials to craft upgrades for your weapons and armor sets.

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