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How to use auto sort and smart transfer for chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Chests. Chests everywhere.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a charming life simulation game that takes place in the beloved world of Disney movies, offering an enjoyable and immersive experience. In addition to offering players the opportunity to hang out with their favorite Disney characters, Dreamlight Valley features tons of items to gather, purchase, craft, and grow. With so much of the gameplay focused on doing just that, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the handling of all these items. Thankfully, the Festival of Friendship update introduced some welcome changes to the game’s inventory management system. In addition to adding new, larger chests that can be crafted, new functions have been added for depositing and sorting items in chests. Here’s how to use both the auto sort and smart transfer functions to make your life even easier.

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How to use the smart transfer feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The smart transfer feature can be used to easily transfer items from your inventory into chests in Dreamlight Valley. To utilize this feature, simply open a storage chest and press the corresponding hotkey, which is listed below the chest’s content inventory. Any items in your inventory that are also found in the opened chest will be automatically transferred to that chest. All items of that type will be stacked, with the incomplete stack moved to the first slot in that group of items. However, using smart transfer will not rearrange or sort the items that are already in the chest. For this, you’ll need to use the sort feature.

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How to use the sort feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Items in chests can now be easily organized by using the sort feature. Similar to the smart transfer feature, item sorting can be performed by opening a chest and pressing the hotkey. There are four different sorting methods to choose from:

  • Name – Sorting by name will rearrange the items in the chest into alphabetical order. Sorting by name will combine like items into stacks, with the smallest stack last.
  • Type – Sorting by type will group items of the same type within the chest. There appear to be only two types of items, consumables and materials, the latter of which includes basically every non-food item in the game. Sorting by type will not also alphabetize,
  • Energy contribution – Sorting by this type will arrange the items based on how much energy they grant when used. This will automatically move consumables to the top row of the chest, as they are the only items that grant energy.
  • Coin value – Selecting this option will sort items based on their sell price to Goofy. The sorting is based on the value of the individual item, not the current quantity.

Overall, these new features, alongside the addition of new, larger chests are a very welcome addition to Dreamlight Valley. With time and tweaking, they should only become more useful in our quest to organize the perfect Valley.

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