How To Use Cross Platform Saves in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bring your Disney Dreamlight Valley progress over to your favorite platform using Cross Platform saves and transfer those files.

Cross platform saves and how they work in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The official release for Disney Dreamlight Valley has arrived with several updates to the game’s early access version. One of the notable new releases is the ability for cross platform saves to work with your Disney Dreamlight Valley account.

You can bring your progress over to your favorite platforms that feature DDV, so long as you have access to your account. You’ll have to do a few things before you get started, though. There is a small catch, though. Here’s what you need to know about how to use cross platform saves in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how they work.

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How Cross Platform Saves Work in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to use cross platform saves in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Screenshot by Gamepur

We can confirm that cross platform saves do work in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will need to set up a Cloud Save account when you’re on the game’s main menu, entering in the email and password of the account you want to use.

After you input this information, make sure you use it on any other platform you also have Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will need to purchase the game for the platform you want to use it on if you plan to make use of any cross platform and cloud save you have stored on your account. Thankfully, it should all be in the same location on the main menu where you will be asked to use your Cloud Save Disney Dreamlight Valley account details, such as bringing over Jack Skellington after you’ve unlocked him or the A Rift in Time expansion.

You won’t be able to transfer or use your saves on another platform without access to the game. Make sure you’ve purchased the game before attempting to do this.

How to fix Cloud Save Issues in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Some players have encountered issues when attempting to transfer their cloud saves using the cross platform program the Disney Dreamlight Valley development team created. You may want to double-check your internet connection before attempting to transfer your cloud saves over to another platform, or you can try using a mobile hotspot connection to provide a more reliable connection.

All of your progress should carry over between platforms. This does include your premium star track if you choose to grab this for your Disney Dreamlight Valley account, so make sure you have everything you had on your original platform before returning to exploring your village. There are a handful of issues that players continue to have when using cloud saves in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it’d be a good idea to reach out to the support team if you have any questions or concerns.