How to verify social media accounts in BitLife

Prove that it’s your account.

Image via Candywriter

There are five social media accounts in BitLife. You can join Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. All of them become available to you when your character becomes 14 years old and enters high school. These accounts are a good way to do plenty of online antics. When you gain a big enough following, you can choose to verify your account to prove it’s legitimately yours, much like you can in real-life for more famous social media individuals. 

You need to wait until you gather a big enough following and become famous enough. An excellent point to know you’re ready is when your fame meter reaches above 25 percent or has well over 100,000 to 150,000 followers on your account. Once you reach any of these points, click on the social media account you want to verify and scroll to the bottom. It should be the final option. If the platform does not accept your verification request, attempt to do more on the platform to gain more followers. However, do not ask to do it that same year. You want to wait until that next year to do it.

All of your social media accounts can become verified. You may have to spend a good chunk of time working on your followers for each account, which means posting on a routine basis. Each of the five platforms may prefer specific posts, such as making more political ones on Twitter, while Facebook focuses on motivational posts or family-based ones. You will have to learn from the number of followers added to your account each post and see which ones work.