How to Visit Crackshot’s Cabin When the Loot Island Appears in Fortnite Winterfest 2023

Finding Crackshot’s Cabin can be a challenge because of the various game modes players can jmp into in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Winterfest 2023 is packed with unique quests for players to complete, adding even more festive cheer to the game this holiday season. However, some of the quests are fairly complex, like visiting Crackshot’s Cabin, because of the variety of game modes players can pick from.

Each year in Fortnite, the Winterfest event transforms the map, giving players a new environment to explore as well as a plethora of new quests to complete. It revitalizes the game for a brief period of time, even though most of the time, it doesn’t need it. While Winterfest 2023 got off to a rocky start, with its new game mode needing to be turned on after the event began, players are loving the new content it brings. However, they’re struggling to find Crackshot’s Cabin as part of the opening quest.

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How Do You Visit Crackshot’s Cabin in Fortnite?

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To visit Crackshot’s Cabin in Fortnite, players must jump into a battle royale match and wait until the fourth storm circle triggers. This will cause a rift to appear in the sky, which is where the loot island will spawn when a player gets within 100 meters of it. To get to Crackshot’s Cabin, players must use a zip line to get onto the island.

When Winterfest 2023 first started on December 14, 2023, players had a hard time finding Crackshot’s Cabin because it wasn’t actually in the game. It didn’t arrive until six hours after the update, with almost no explanation from the official Fortnite Status Twitter account.

We tried to do this for ages during Winterfest 2023’s Ship it! Express limited time game mode, but after a while, we realized we’d been doing this all wrong. Crackshot’s Cabin only appears in the standard battle royale version of loot island. So if players are in a Ship it! Express match, they won’t be able to visit the location and complete any associated quests.

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Thankfully, there’s not much of a reason to play the time-limited game mode outside of completing the daily quests that pop up for it. We believe it’s better to stick to the standard battle royale mode for everything else because it hosts all the new Winterfest features and doesn’t force players to deal with the restriction of only rising thrown weapons. Even if there is a way, albeit complicated, to get guns in Ship it! Express mode.