How to wear chaps in BitLife

How do you wear this outfit?

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Your character can wear a wide arrange of items and accessories in BitLife. An item you might be trying to choose to wear chaps, which has to do with the Human Trombone challenge. It’s a specific challenge in BitLife where your character will be available for those with access to the Street Hustler profession. The chaps are a specific item, and getting your character to wear them is difficult. Here’s what you need to know about how to wear chaps in BitLife.

How to get your character to wear chaps in BitLife

Your character can wear several headpiece items or glasses on their profile. Every player in BitLife usually only sees the head of their character, an avatar on the top-left of the screen. Outside of this, there are no other appearance items for them, such as shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, tops, or shows. The only way for your character to wear chaps is if they’re a Street Performer.

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You can become a Street Performer when your character works as a Street Hustler. There will be an option for you to pick what type of job on the street your character can work, from attempting to steal from others, or making an actual performance on the sidewalks. The Street Performer is likely the safest option, as your character won’t be attempting to steal from others.

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While on the screen before your character starts work as a Street Performer, there is a selection of what type of items they should wear. Chaps will be on these options, but you won’t always see them. We recommend working as a Street Performer multiple times before the chaps option appears. You can change your outfit in the “Strategy” section of the menu, where you can adjust your approach. Every time a year goes by, new options appear.