How to complete the Human Trombone Challenge in BitLife

This is how your character works hard on the streets.

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Another challenge has arrived for BitLife players who want to test their skills in the game and try to complete every task. For these tasks within the Human Trombone Challenge, you’ll need to work through several tasks where you’ll be utilizing a character who works as a street performer. You’ll want to make sure you master a musical instrument before you hit the streets. This guide covers how to complete the Human Trombone Challenge in BitLife.

All Human Trombone Challenge tasks in BitLife

You need to work through five tasks to complete this challenge in BitLife. This will focus on your character becoming a street performer; they need to learn how to master the Flatulist.

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These are the five tasks for the Human Trombone challenge.

  • Become a street performer
  • Wear chaps
  • Earn$500k+ as a street performer
  • Have a Flatulist skill level of 100%
  • Own a rusty trombone

The first five tasks are relatively straightforward for BitLife players. Becoming a street performer is available to those with access to the Scam Artist DLC, and the job unlocks when a character reaches 18. You’ll need to earn at least $500k+ while in this profession for this challenge.

The next task is for your character to wear chaps. This is relatively difficult as your character normally cannot wear specific pieces of items. Typically, you can only customize your character’s face, headwear, and if they wear any glasses, which are usually rewards for completing BitLife challenges. When it comes to wearing chaps, you can only do this while working as Street Performer in the Scam Artist tree. While working as a Street Performer, there is an option for you to choose your attire. Make sure it is set to chaps.

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The next step is for your character to master the Flatulist skill. They need to reach at least 100%. This can only happen if you choose the Street Performer choice, which appears in the “Pick your Act” options.

The final task is to own a rusty trombone. Again, similar to the previous functions, this will appear in the collection box of the Street Performer job, and you can choose which one you want to collect your money from those who watch your show. Make sure it’s a rusty trombone.

After you’ve completed all these tasks, the Human Trombone challenge will be completed. You’ll earn a randomized appearance item for your character.