How transporter energy works and how to get it in Pokémon Go

Use energy to transport Pokémon onto the Home servers.

Image via Niantic

When Pokémon Go hooks up with Pokémon Home, trainers will be able to transfer almost all of the Pokémon they’ve captured from their mobile game to their online boxes. There are a few restrictions, such as not being able to trade any shadow Pokémon, ones with costumes, or any Mega-Evolved Pokémon. Their other limitation will be transporter energy to power the transporter device, and you probably need to use a Pokémon Home Transporter Poké Ball. The energy is a meter that all Pokémon Go accounts have, and it’s what you use to power the transporter to transfer your Pokémon.

Transporter energy is the new type of resource you’ll need to use to transfer your Pokémon between Home and Pokémon Go. When your energy is full, you’ll have 10,000 energy. Every Pokémon comes with a particular cost, and we have a breakdown of the Pokémon energy costs to make it easier for you to approach it, but the costs vary on the specific rarity and CP of your Pokémon.

Without energy, you have to wait to earn more. There will be two ways to acquire energy. The first, and it’s a method many players in Pokémon Go will use, merely wait until energy returns to them. Given the breakdown information, it likely takes around a full week for trainers to regain all of their energy.

The alternative is for players to spend money in the Pokémon Go store to purchase more energy to send several waves of Pokémon through the transporter. It’s a way for players to choose to send as many as they want to their online boxes rather than waiting for the energy to recharge.

The energy costs for the system are a little steep, but these are likely to change over the first few weeks after they roll out. So far, the system is restricted to only level 40 trainers.